Vintage Apple Computer Sold Out For $668,000 in an Auction Bidding

The original Apple computer
Released in 1976, the original Apple 1 computers were hand-built by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs. Paul Terell, who owned the Byte Shop computer store, paid $25,000 for the first batch of 50 computers. "Steve was a very clever guy," Terell told "That was the seed capital to start Apple."
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BERLIN – One of auctioneer says one among Apple's initial computers -- a functioning 1976 model -- has been sold-out for a record 516,000 euros ($668,000).

German auction bidding house Breker said Saturday an Asian consumer, who asked to not be named, bought the so-called Apple one, that the tech company's founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak built in a family garage.

About 200 units were produced in all, though Terrell only purchased the first 50 at $500 each, for a total of $25,000 -- cash on delivery. Apple would release the Apple II in 1977.

Breker claims it's one among only six known  remaining functioning models within the world. Breker already sold-out one in one year ago for 492,000 euros.

It says the computer has Wozniak's signature. an previous business dealing letter from late Jobs also included.

Founder Paul Terrell opened the store in 1975.

Source: Paul Terrell
The Apple one, that was sold-out for $666 in 1976, consisted of only the circuit board. Another parts such as a case, a keyboard and a screen had to be bought separately.

Most hobbyist computers then were still sold as kits, but the Apple I -- seen here in a Polaroid photograph taken by Terrell himself -- was a fully assembled circuit board with over 60 chips.

Source: Paul Terrell

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