Steve Gleason Today’s Big Topic

Steve Gleason Today’s Big Topic

 The kind of inhuman loathing showed by those idiotic Atlanta sports-radio DJs — it is a disservice to publicize them by even offering their names, while applauding their firing — is counterbalanced by the grace of Steve Gleason.

Beyond the universal rejection of these clowns, the right response is to ignore the abhorrent noise of these and other talk-radio shock jocks.

What is a better use of your energy? For starters, read Steve Gleason’s als inspiring column, in which he pinch-hit for a vacationing Peter King. Gleason types with his eyes — the 4,500-word column took him 4 hours to blink out.

It is easy to see the subsequent story and feel outrage. It is harder to read Steve Gleason’s (foundation) account of his ALS, but it is as life-affirming as the Atlanta DJs’ behavior was soul-sucking. Steve Gleason, in his own words:
So, how does a person react when he or she learns there are two to five years left with which to live?
Denial. Frustration. Anger. Despair. But at some point, I understood that acceptance of this diagnosis was not admitting defeat. That was critical for me personally. I think our lives are enriched when our own death is a conscious thought. I am not saying we should obsess over this, but it can be useful, because it makes you focus on the things and people you truly love. After that realization, I started to dig in, to look forward to what might be in my future.
Because ALS research is underfunded and under-resourced, patients end up fading away quietly. I did not want to fade away quietly.
The immediate upshot was a few more nitwits no longer given a platform to spew more invective. Hopefully, people take the opportunity to read Steve Gleason’s column, learn more about the man, his mission and the battle to cure ALS.

The rejection of the DJs’ hateful speech is only one piece of this. Hopefully, the raised profile of Steve Gleason and his cause can allow our collective sense of humanity to win.

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